Detailed Programs:

Child Care Services & Educational Development

The toddler, preschool and kindergarten programs are all offered on a full-time and part-time basis. Specific details of each program follow.

18 to 30 months

The Centre offers two toddler classrooms that can accommodate a maximum of 15 children per classroom. We Are Family has created a curriculum that will allow children to develop various skills. The activities in the classroom will promote essential skills toddlers will develop, such as literacy, language, social, cognitive and play time skills. Due to low staff/child ratios, toddlers will participate in small group activities that will enable them to learn the curriculum.

2½ to 4 years

The Centre offers three preschool classrooms that can accommodate a maximum of 16 children. The preschool program includes activities that will teach children the concepts of language, math, science, health, phonics, literacy, and develop social skills. Research has shown that the skills developed by children in their preschool years significantly impact their future behaviours and actions. Children at this age learn how to become very independent. In the preschool classroom, a child is taught daily essentials of life. From proper table manners to printing, colours and shapes, they learn it all!