We Are Family Children’s Center has provided daycare for my family since the first day they opened their doors. The professionalism of staff and daily communication with program facilitators is second to none.

The outstanding facility and high level of theme based programming is evident in the day to day activities brought home, and the extraordinary progress I have noticed in my child. Any parent knows that children are very perceptive; from our first orientation my son was intrigued by the inclusive and stimulating environment, brand new toys, books, computers and sensory activities.
After the first week my son was calling the in-house cook “nonna” and giving her a big hug as he passed the kitchen when we arrived each morning. It is comforting to know that my son is receiving the utmost care, healthy home cooked meals and extraordinary education while mommy and daddy are at work.

I have highly recommended We Are Family Children’s Center to all my friends and family, and they too agree that this is the choice for their family care needs. They certainly live up to the name, making each child feel as though they belong to an extended family.

The Ferri Family

As have so many parents before me, I deeply struggled with the decision
of the best possible daycare for my child when I returned to work.
After an exhaustive search they all seemed the same and I felt like I had to settle and just pick one. Turns out my gut feeling was right and the first daycare we enrolled our daughter in was lacking in every which way…the hunt for daycare was on again.

I was very sceptical I couldn’t find anything that would meet my needs. Were my standards too high? Is that even possible when it comes to your child? I put my name on the waiting list for “We Are Family” as they were not open yet.
I was excited because my initial conversations with Mary Naccarato seemed so promising. Was it too good to be true? Here was a family run
Daycare, could they possibly live up to all my expectations?
Well, they surpassed them. Everyone here loves what they do and it shows. I see it every time I pick up my daughter. There is such enthusiasm from all the teachers; a true passion for what they do and a genuine love for children. Beyond their enthusiasm for children is the education element.

My daughter has learned so much since she started here and every day she’s excited to share the new song, story, craft, letter or whatever the day’s program included. I can see the progress of her daily work and her teachers always take the time to communicate the day’s events (good or bad). I feel so comfortable leaving my daughter here and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this daycare to other parents.

Not long after starting at “We Are Family” my daughter came home and told us what she wanted to be when she grows up…”a teacher, just like  Miss Alessandra”…I couldn’t be more proud.

Lisa Masaro

There is nothing in this world that is more beautiful than having children. Yet, having to make the decision of leaving your very own children in the care of someone other than close family or friends is not so beautiful. In fact, it can be very difficult and quite stressful, which is how it was for me.

I remember having many sleepless nights several months prior to my return to work. I knew that I would have to leave my little one in the hands of someone other than mom, dad or grandma. I searched tirelessly for the perfect place for my son who was 19 months old at the time. Of course, nothing seemed good enough… until I walked into “We Are Family”.

The staff is extremely loving, caring and knowledgeable. They are always ready to greet you with a smile and will take the time to discuss your child. The programming is creative and provides a significant amount of learning for the children. I am always very happy to hear my son recite all of the chants/rhymes that he learns during the day, especially those from the “Jolly Phonics” program. There is always learning and something fun and exciting happening at “We Are Family”.

Furthermore, you really couldn’t ask for more when it feels as though your very own mother is there at the daycare cooking good, healthy, hearty, meals for your child every day. My son loves “Nonna Rosa” and her delicious food. How great it is to know that I do not have to worry about what my child is eating all day long.

Most importantly, the whole concept of “family” is extremely significant at this daycare. The fact that it is a family-run business is a beautiful thing. But the fact that all of the staff seem as though they are part of the family is even better. It is so apparent how everyone’s focus is on the children and the children only. This was especially obvious at Christmas when all of the family and staff went above and beyond to make the center a Winter Wonderland… a dream for the children.

My son adjusted and transitioned extremely well and I believe that is because the concept of family is extended to the children as well. My son is happy at “We Are Family” and I feel that all of the children are respected and loved as though they are family too. In fact, since my son has been going to “We Are Family”, we all feel as though we are part of the family!

Thank you to Mary Naccarato and all of the remarkable staff at “We Are Family”!!

The Arianna’s

Thank you to all the staff at We are Family for the amazing experience she has had. Her Teachers have all been amazing and a big part of her junior learning years.

There was never a hard transition from day one and that is rare. The teachers in the SR Preschool classroom made her feel right at home.
Their classroom was her first step in the “school” environment.
The structure they have is amazing and the warm people they are was a bonus.

Thanks to “Nanna Rosa” (as my daughter calls her) for the amazing meals.

As for the classroom she is currently in,the Pre Kinder/Jk Classroom, I cannot begin to explain how much her personality has grown from being in their class. The 2 teachers are such amazing Teachers! It’s as though she has already started Kindergarten. Many people I know have kids in JK already at an Elementary Schools and do not learn half the things Ava has learned in this classroom.

It will be a very sad day for us and Ava when she starts Elementary School when we have to say “Goodbye”.

We wish you all the greatest success

-Anna and Jason V

Words cannot express the thanks, gratitude and the love that my family has for every We Are Family early childhood educator and staff person that has been a part of our family for three years. We are so blessed to have teachers and directors who look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths, talents and needs. With attention given to each child by greeting them in the hallway by their first name, this place must not go unnoticed.

Their amazing early childhood curriculum is engaging and fulfills teaching in all aspects, with the foundation and baseline that has given my children the opportunity to experience that learning is fun at an early age. My children have learned so much and continue to share with us the wonderful activities that occur on a daily basis. The online daily reports tell us when she napped, what she ate, when she used the bathroom and the great activities that go on each day at the centre. This can help us in understanding any changes in mood in the evenings. We are so grateful for the continual support and guidance from We Are Family’s teachers and directors over the years.  We are very fortunate to have been blessed with such an inviting and pleasant environment with wonderful staff. The directors have been with us every step of the way. The first day my child started at the centre, the directors reassured me that our baby would be ok and that we would be able to phone her anytime to see how she was doing. The directors’ attention to detail, their guidance and loving care have made it a fun and safe place to be. They have always gone that extra step to ensure that all of my questions were answered and that anytime I called, that extra bit of information about how my children were doing and what they were doing made it very personal and special. Nonna Rosa has always handled our children with grace and has shown nothing but warmth and respect and her tasty food with our children.

Our children have always loved going to We Are Family. They have always spoken fondly of their teachers. They have always mentioned that their teachers “love me” at the age of two. We wouldn’t entrust our children anywhere else except for We Are Family. Their commitment to child care is beyond exceptional, their responsiveness, warmth and respect towards the children have all been works of “heart” with the children. We are so thankful for the heartfelt support that We Are Family has shown to the Bosco Family and the wonderful memories that were created with our older daughter and now our youngest.

Rob & Daniela Bosco

The day has finally come. Today is my daughters last day at your amazing Center. I am writing to you this thank you letter with tears in my eyes…

When we first registered our daughter at your Center 4 years ago, I never imagined that your place was going to become like HOME to her.
I never imagined that there was anyone else that could take better care of her better than me. Well, I was very mistaken. Leaving our daughter under your care was the best decision of my life. Not only both of you were accommodating and professional with me from day one, but you were also incredible human beings that understood me as a Mother and eased all my anxieties with your kindness and attentions towards our daughter.

From all the daily calls, to the delicious food from your Mother “Nonna Rosa”, the patience you had with our daughter and the amazing staff of teachers that she was fortunate enough to have since her first day at Daycare, this entire journey has been noting than rewarding for her.

We saw her growing happy and confident at your Center, we saw her overcoming many obstacles thanks to your teachers and we realized that places like this Center will not be easy to find anywhere else.
For all the happy and not so happy moments. For the patience, the care, the discipline, the guidance and most all of for all the love, we will be eternally grateful to you.

Thank you for having created this beautiful place for all the little angels who have attended it and had the opportunity to grow in a happy place, a place she was able to call HOME.

We will never forget you and we will keep you in our hearts forever.

Lots of Love


Hi Mary, Cristina & Sr Preschool Teachers,

Just wanted to send of note to let you know that Giulia transition went very well to kindergarten at her “big school”. She still asks to come back to We Are Family but I keep reassuring her that we’ll visit very soon. I was worried but she is did great! No tears! I couldn’t believe it.

I owe you all a big THANK YOU. It’s all thanks to the staff at We Are Family that she was ready for school. Remember where she started? She has come a long way.

Thank you! We truly miss you all. Enrolling her at We Are Family was the best decision we made.

Now if only Nonna Rosa could make her lunches still then all my problems would solved!! LOL!

See you very soon when our second joins.

Hope all is well. Take care

From The Aspro Family


I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge and praise each of you at We Are Family Childcare Centre. From the Directors to the teaching staff, to the chef and let’s not forget the custodian , You are all an extension of our family. Each of you have given our daughter so much love and taught her so many things that she will never forget. Nonna Rosa, we can’t thank you enough for nourishing our daughter with your wholesome delicious foods. Cristina and Mary your dedication and love for the center shines through in all your employees. You both are a ray of sunshine on those gloomy mornings, your chirpy Good Mornings to the evening pick up smiles make your center so welcoming at any time of day.

Thank you again for everything you all have done for our daughter. We will see you soon as our family grows.

Love the Spampinato Family